HARA’s Quarterly Recap: October — December 2021

4 min readDec 31, 2021


Hi HARA Squad! For HARA, the fourth quarter of 2021 has been filled with amazing events, new initiatives, and projects. Here are a few of our honorable mentions: HARA roles in GSMA’s Agri DFS 2021, PERTAHARA Launching in three area; Bojonegoro, Purbalingga, & Malang as an expansion from the previous project (Ginger Pancasila), and a huge collaboration between HARA x Meta Forest Society!

HARA CEO, Regi Wahyu, and CTO, Imron Zuhri, both continued to spread knowledge about HARA and our social impacts through participating in several events, such as Xpora Virtual Golf Tournament in Bali and Indonesia NFT Week 2021

We are so excited to share all the details with you so let’s get right to it!

An Update of PERTAHARA

PERTAHARA or known as Perempuan Tani Harapan Rakyat is an economic recovery movement aimed at reviving the economy by empowering women in agricultural sector. HARA enhanced the lives of rural women by empowering them to become female farmers since farming is their primary source of income. Besides supporting women empowerment, PERTAHARA also establishes data transparency towards a valuable data exchange system and helps serve closed-loop economy implementation.

By the end of December 2021, 330 farmers save successfully planted 98.500 ginger buds, within total 7 batch in Bojonegoro, Purbalingga, and Malang with the help of HARA fields officer and agripreneur. However, Purbalingga & Malang are the new expanded areas that HARA succeeded to reach on 5th December, 2021. These both areas have their own strategic location and suitable land for harvest activities. As an introduction of expanding-project, PERTAHARA has started recruiting 15 female farmers from Malang and 25 from Purbalingga that followed by distributing 16.000 ginger seeds for both cities.

PERTAHARA x Meta Forest Society

For the last 2 months, HARA has been innovating exciting collaborating projects that combine the world of agriculture, arts, and digital assets. Meta Forest Society is the first Indonesia NFT project that has social impacts on it. Through a collaboration between PERTAHARA and Meta Forest Society, each NFT purchase will be able to give additional 150+ ginger seeds polybags to women farmers in Indonesia. Also, 20% of selling results will be donated to HARA Foundation. Therefore, HARA believes through this partnership with Meta Forest Society, we will create a better future for Indonesia’s agriculture sector and women empowerment.

Agricultural DFS Report Regarding Emerging Business Models to Support the Financial Inclusion of Smallholders Farmers

On October 13th 2021, GSM Association issued a report titled “Agricultural DFS: Emerging Business Models to Support the FInancial Inclusion of Smallholder Farmers”. The report mentioned that smallholder farmers are facing a challenging situation since 500 million households depend on smallholder farmers while they manage 25% of the world’s cropland and also produce around a third of the world’s food.

HARA Token Supporting Xpora Virtual Virtual Golf Tournament

On October 13th — November 29th 2021, HARA was given an honor to contributes Xpora Virtual Golf Tournament held by BNI by providing support through HARA Tokens that could open big opportunities for amateur golfers to gain new achievements, experiences, and stepping for the next step towards golfing in the future.

The GOBER HARA Token team also won several categories for the tournament: Total Nett Category, Total Gross Category, Total Nett Tri Category, & Best Gross Overall Category.

Indonesia NFT Week 2021

On December 9th — 22th, HARA x Meta Forest Society held the first NFT event in Indonesia to explore and dive deeper into the NFT world and the magical story of Meta Forest itself. This event invites a lot of amazing & professional speakers to build up an exciting discussion and shared knowledge with. Also, there was a chance to win NFT and $ETH everyday.

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