HARA’s Second Half Recap: July–December 2022

5 min readDec 29, 2022


Hi HARA Squad!

HARA’s last six months of 2022 has been filled with amazing events, new initiatives, and projects. Here are a few of our honorable mentions: PERTAHARA updates in three areas; Bojonegoro, Purbalingga, and Malang, HARA Pilot Project collaboration with Agriaku in Purbalingga, HARA Research for new commodity planting in Malang, HARA Quiz #GetToKnowHARA, Bali NFT Week, and Guest Lecture ABI x University of Indonesia,

An Update from the Field: PERTAHARA!

PERTAHARA or known as Perempuan Tani Harapan Rakyat is an economic recovery movement aimed at reviving the economy by empowering women in agricultural sector. HARA enhanced the lives of rural women by empowering them to become female farmers since farming is their primary source of income. Besides supporting women empowerment, PERTAHARA also establishes data transparency towards a valuable data exchange system and helps serve closed-loop economy implementation.

By the end of December 2022, 164 farmers and 7 agripreneurs have successfully planted 70.000 ginger buds that are located in two areas; Purbalingga and Malang. However, Banyumas and Bojonegoro are no longer used as planting areas. Currently, HARA has carried out a pilot project for ginger planting in Purbalingga with a new SOP. This pilot project will be run by 1 agripreneur, 10 farmers, with a total of 2,500 seeds. Meanwhile in Malang, HARA’s field officer has been doing research since November 2022 for planting new commodities.

HARA Commodity Research in Malang

The purpose of this research is to find out the potential of other commodities that can be planted by PERTAHARA besides ginger. Research in Malang was carried out by our Field Officers (FO) named Mr. Martika and Mrs. Wulan in their house’s yard. Each FO conducts research with a comparison of parameters of using organic and non-organic fertilizers and differences in altitude. Research will be conducted between November 2022 — May 2023.

Our potential commodities: Jeruk Nagami, Zukinichini, Cabai, Selada, Caisim, Bawang Daun.

PERTAHARA Harvest Month

After going through the seeds-planting and taking care of our plants for almost six months, PERTAHARA finally successfully carried out 63.835 total plants in three locations: Malang, Purbalingga, & Bojonegoro.

Harvest activities conducted by our women farmers assisted by Agripreneurs and Field Officer (FO) to make sure all plants are well harvested. Every activity that is done by PERTAHARA is always recorded in applications such as List of Farmer’s Name, Results of Harvest, and Date of Harvest. After the harvest process is over, we received some a lot of good things happen:

  • Both PERTAHARA and Agripreneurs gaining profit from harvest sharing results
  • PERTAHARA and Agripreneurs got a new experience and learn the techniques of planting and take care each of plants
  • Harvest results immediately sent to our buyer who have ordered the gingers
  • HARA also gaining profit and experience every stages of planting things from the beginning

Events & Activities

HARA Quiz #GetToKnowHARA

HARA quiz is an interaction that is a question and answer aimed at HARA audiences or followers on Instagram. This event aims to allow the audience to get to know HARA better and be able to build a brand image from HARA because the questions given in this quiz are about HARA, for example, such as “what is the name of the crowd planting project that HARA is currently undertaking?”. Then this event was held every week starting from 5 to 26 August 2022 every 7 pm

The winner of this quiz has announced three days after the question posted on HARA’s IGS. And one winner will be chosen then will receive a Gopay IDR 50,000 as a prize. The audience only needs to answer the questions on IGS HARA, the requirements for taking part in this quiz are also easy, they only need to follow HARA’s Instagram and Twitter accounts. This event succeeded in getting the audience to visit and follow HARA’s social media and succeeded in increasing engagement.

Bali NFT Week

On September 2022, HARA in collaboration with Soulrich and several other partners held an event called “Bali NFT Week” which was held in Bali from 8–12 September 2022. Interestingly, this event will be the first NFT (non-fungible token) event to be held in Indonesia. Regi Wahyu (CEO of HARA Technology) was also present and hosted the event.

The purpose of this event is to restore the mind & souls of all Web3 creators. There were several activities carried out during this event, for example visiting the Web3 gallery, discussing the future of Web3 with several guests who are experts in the field of Web3, and exploring Bali culture such as attending Balinese ceremonies (Kecak & Melukat Dance).

Guest Lecture A-B-I x UI

On October 31st, 2022, A-B-I (Indonesian Blockchain Association) in collaboration with University of Indonesia held a Guest Lecture to discuss a topic of Blockchain Technology, invited Mrs. Juwita Winadwiastuti (Blockchain Team Leader from HARA) as a speaker at the event. The guest lectures were held online through a zoom meeting which was attended by students from University of Indonesia and exchange students from University Of Malaya with approximately 50 participants attending the guest lectures.The guest lectures itself aims to educate students towards Business Cases Use on Blockchain Technology and expected that will be very useful for their career in the future. Questions and answers sessions were also conducted between the speakers and participants at the end of the session

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