HARA’s Second Half Recap July-December 2023

4 min readDec 29, 2023


HARA’s second six months of 2023 has been filled with amazing projects, events, and collaborations.

We are so excited to share all the details with you so let’s get right to it!

PERTAHARA’s Pilot Project

This Pilot Project was carried out by HARA Field Officers. They managed 1200m2 land and each field officer handled 600m2 land. The main duties of field officers are prepare all planting process starting from purchasing SAPROTAN, land preparation and carry out planting, which is planting seeds, plant care, until harvest season.

Commodities Research

HARA still carried out commodities research for Nagami Orange and Chilli.

For Nagami Orange, we want to see the different growth of two different types of Nagami plants:

For Chilli, research was carried out using different planting technique (With Shade and No Shade) but with the same cultivation inside polybag:

Traceability Solution

HARA Traceability Solution is a blockchain powered solution that enables automation legacy systems to produce traceability requirements based on a regulatory requirement. For now, HARA started off with Palm Oil Industry and potentially expanded to other forestry commodities.

Traceability becoming a trend in industry to meet:

  1. Sustainability & Ethical Sourcing

Sustainability is constantly changing requirements and conditions for operations and Supply Chains. This growing demand and standards is the key where transparency should be enabled.

For example; European Union (EU) regulations that require industry to meet their standards; Commodities should be deforestation-free, Produced according to relevant standards from the country of production, Covered by a due diligence statement.

2. Consumers

Environmental-friendly and safe-to-use products are necessary nowadays to achieve competitive advantage in the market as well as increase customers’ satisfaction.

How Blockchain & Automation assist in Traceability?

The role of HARA Blockchain being the custodian of traceability data that is used for audit purposes, while ensuring its integrity. Why use Blockchain Technology?

  • Immutability: Data cannot be tampered
  • Decentralized: No single entity can monopolize the information
  • Transparency: All stakeholders will have the same access to the information
  • Secure: Data is protected and trustworthy using cryptography

Events & Activities

Bloomberg New Economy Forum 2023 Participants

Mr. Regi Wahyu, Founder and CEO of HARA, was selected as one of the representatives who have contributed to changing the world for the better at the 2023 Bloomberg New Economy Catalysts. In this forum, there are various agendas, such as social events, assignment breakouts, and bilateral meetings to create networks with many innovators. Apart from that, Mr. Regi Wahyu had the opportunity to speak in front of other influential people to present his dedication to HARA.

Kelas Pembelajaran HARA

HARA learning class activity is an activity that is carried out routinely every Friday at 13.00 WIB which has been running since March 2023. This learning class is conducted online through Google Meet, which is open to the public free of charge, intending to spread knowledge regarding agriculture. The topic explained by Ms. Nur Fitri as an HARA’s agronomist in each of these learning classes.

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