March and April Recap: Making the most of this quarantine

Our field operations are still up and running, because agriculture is vital in our day-to-day life: farmers still need to plant and all of us still need to eat. We are implementing with extra measures to ensure everyone’s safety — masks and sanitizers are mandatory. Check out what we’ve been up to in March and April!

Disbursement of Financing Programs

Bojonegoro and Tuban, Indonesia

Within the past two months, we disbursed our farmers’ microfinancing programs with our bank partners, BTPN-Syariah and Danamas in Bojonegoro and Tuban, East Java. With the pandemic of COVID-19 started to spread in March, planting season won’t wait — farmers still need to plant and they need their working capital. Both farmers and our team are optimistic about precautions and planning, where the disbursement process was taken with cautions — no more than 30 people in one area to minimize the thread of illness and keep disruptions largely at bay. While the farming activity here already includes social distance practice.

A certain percentage of the loan will directly go to the HARA Depo kiosks, acting as a store credit, ensuring the working capital will be used for their crop productivity and protecting their crop from natural disasters, pests, and diseases with insurance.

Asian Agriculture & Food Forum 2020

Jakarta, Indonesia

For the second time, the Indonesian Farmer Association (HKTI) hosted the 2nd Asian Agriculture and Food Forum 2020 (ASAFF 2020) on 12–14 March 2020, at the Jakarta Convention Center. Themed Asian Agriculture Collaboration in Global Economic Competition, the forum intended to develop Asia’s agriculture and agribusiness synergy and collaboration across Asia and the global market, establish mutual cooperation between companies in ASEAN to enhance the use of technology and get better access to market globally. Imron Zuhri (CTO) was invited to speak at the panel discussion with the topic “Millennial Farming: Digital Technology, Agriculture, Productivity and Supply Chain Ecosystem”. In the discussion, Zuhri shared how technology and data can drive farmers to increase their productivity and creating a smart and sustainable society among them.

Pupuk Kujang Festival 2020

Cikampek, Indonesia

Pupuk Kujang, a fertilizer company and subsidiary of Pupuk Indonesia, one of Indonesia’s State-Owned Enterprises held its annual festival on March 7, 2020, in Cikampek, West Java. The event, themed “Reliable Agribusiness Solutions”, has its purpose to increase the interest of the millennial generations towards Indonesian agriculture, where various workshops, exhibitions, and new farming technology displays were present. Our booth display was also present alongside other tech companies performing in the Indonesian food and agriculture sector.

YSEALI Agribusiness Incubator Workshop 2020

Pakse, Laos

The Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) and Arizona State University held an integrated 5-day incubator program that brought 49 young innovators focused on identifying and developing sustainable agri-business opportunities across ASEAN countries on March 2–6, 2020, in Pakse, Laos. Our very own Wilibrodus Marianus Bata, HARA Area Expansion Manager, was selected to join the program representing HARA. Through classwork, site visits, and discussions, participants learned how to identify agribusiness opportunities and develop sustainable and environmentally sound ventures. The program ended with attendees presenting their proposed solutions and funding required to advance the development of their agri-business innovation.

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HARA is a global & open blockchain-based data exchange enabling everyone to make better data-driven decisions.

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HARA is a global & open blockchain-based data exchange enabling everyone to make better data-driven decisions.

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