October Recap: Our mission to bring successful Agripreneurs

The month of October was all about expanding our HARA ecosystem: we secured a partnership with Bank BNI to groom 1,000 Agripreneurs, we witnessed first-hand HARA farmers transacting at our Depo Tani, we proved that reliable HARA agriculture data makes it possible for market research companies to analyze rice production efficiently, and we discussed about the Future of Learning with various organizations.

BNI and HARA collaborate to bring 1,000 Agripreneurs in Indonesia

The partnership between BNI and HARA continues to develop by digitizing Micro, Small, and Enterprises (MSMEs). BNI and HARA formalized their collaboration on October 15, 2019, in Tuban, East Java. The national program to support the local retail kiosks or Depo Tani aims to develop the long-term businesses of agricultural MSMEs by increasing knowledge, skills, and character of kiosk owners through a series of capacity building programs.

At the launch, 350 kiosk owners received trainings in strategy, financial management, and technology utilization. this partnership between BNI and HARA is expected to bring entrepreneurial value to Depo Tani kiosk owners through financing and technology.

BOI Research published its Indonesia’s 2018 Rice Report with HARA

BOI Research, a market research agency, and HARA decided to join forces to seek a detailed look into the rice sector. Using data from HARA as additional data set, BOI Research was able to create a report that delves into consumption, production, and policies regarding rice farming in Indonesia.

The availability of near-time agriculture data that HARA provides through its Data Exchange platform is an improvement for agriculture research in Indonesia, as it allows companies to do research at a fraction of the cost and time.

If you are interested to purchase the report, we have got a special discounted price for you! Simply click here for more details.

Future of Learning with Ashoka and A. T. Kearney

On October 18, HARA was invited by Ashoka and A. T. Kearney to present about our work in empowering local community leaders in rural areas. Through this workshop, different stakeholders from private organizations, government, and social enterprises discussed the different ways to encourage change-making environments.


BOI Research and HARA Discussion

To kick-off the launch of BOI Research’s first Rice Production Report, we held a panel discussion called “Grainy Pictures: The potential of digitalization of Indonesia’s farming data” with experts to share their experiences on the lack of data availability on the field. In the discussion, it is revealed that with feasible data, it will bring abundant opportunities for local communities such as farmers to help them economically sustain themselves to prosperity.

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HARA is a global & open blockchain-based data exchange enabling everyone to make better data-driven decisions. https://hara.ag/

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HARA is a global & open blockchain-based data exchange enabling everyone to make better data-driven decisions. https://hara.ag/