October to December 2020 Recap: International Recognition for HARA

As we are reaching the end of 2020, we hope you’re having a pleasant holiday. In the past 3 months, we received global recognitions — from ASEAN, Ashoka, to Australia, and we couldn’t be happier, it’s the best way to start a new and hopeful year of 2021! Lastly, the best way to rekindle that feeling might be to start at the beginning of the year, with some of our achievement highlights of this year, shall we?

ASEAN Business Awards 2020

We are very honored for the award we received from ASEAN Business Awards in the Inclusive Business category in Hanoi, Vietnam based on our business model and main idea to tackle the problem of the Bottom of the Pyramid in the Indonesian agriculture sector. Held by the ASEAN Business Advisory Council, the awards intent to honor businesses and entrepreneurs that are aiming their efforts at either tackling the Covid-19 directly making sure the lives of those affected were in some way improved or eased during the pandemic.

Ashoka Change Maker Summit Conference

Ashoka Fellow, a global social entrepreneurship initiative, hosted the “Ashoka Change Maker Summer” conference to discuss how data transparency and community approaches are promoting sustainable agricultural growth in Nigeria, Indonesia and Italy. The event, held through the swap card website, was participated across UK, Ireland, Italy, Indonesia, Philippines, and more. There, Regi Wahyu (CEO) explained how HARA creates jobs by empowering local field agents and engages local middlemen who have smartphones to collect farmer’s data, including identification, cultivation, and transaction to connect them to financial institutions and buyers. It was nice to say that the Q&A session was a very interactive and dynamic discussion between Regi and the participants.

Agtech & Investment Webinar

Imron Zuhri (CTO) was invited to “Agtech & Investment in Indonesia” webinar, which was organized by Australia — Indonesia Centre. The forum discussed how agriculture technology (Ag-Tech) innovation has transformed Indonesia’s agricultural landscape and its role as an investment driver for post-pandemic economic recovery and growth. Zuhri was one of the top speakers in webinar including Dr. Scott Waldron from The Australia-Indonesia center , Dr. Melony Sallars, CEO and Co-Founder of Genics, Stephen Mc. Fallen, Co-Developer TraNSIT CSIRO, and Ir. R. Anang Noegroho, from Ministry of National Development Planning Indonesia. This event was attended by entrepreneurs and investors from Australia and Indo to gather or connect with the hope that Indonesian investment opportunities can be increased.

Peduli Pangan Desa Kota

For almost 1 year, Peduli Pangan Desa Kota has been working to provide food for those who are affected financially by COVID-19. To date, the Peduli Pangan team have benefited over 99,000 people. And for that, we are truly humbled with all the help we have received from the donators in supporting causes and issues we all care about during this unprecendented time.

2020: A Year In Review


From the start of financing program in 2018, this year, we focused on operational excellence, which sped the processes of loan origination and disbursement to farmers, especially during the first month of COVID-19 pandemic in March, we have successfully disbursed loans to up to 300 farmers with BTPNS (7th batch), Danamas (3 batches), and Qoala to provide crop insurances to our farmers in Bojonegoro and Tuban. By the end of 2020, these previously deemed “unbankable” smallholder farmers we able to get financing totaling IDR 1.2 B. We are very proud of our farmers who have shown great efforts and progress to continue their farming activities and harvest with secured working capital.

New Projects

This year, we have launched several exciting projects with our partners. First, we collaborated with Sreeya in Halal Value Chain initiative, to spread the awareness of global halal market — where consumers can easily and transparently access the process of poultry slaughtering according to halal regulations. Second, being a part of the Peduli Pangan Project with Artemis, Gema Perhutani, Inovator 4.0 Indonesia, Alogaritma Desa, Eidara Mata Data Presisi, Danendra Digital Teknologi, Padmanegara Digital Inovasi and LMND in building soup kitchens and provide over 83.000 meals for those affected by the pandemic in Jakarta area. Lastly, we launched Future School of Social Entrepreneurship (FUSE) program, an initiative to develop and flourish entrepreneurship skills for students and young professionals.

International recognition

We are grateful that our efforts and achievements have received recognition from around the globe. In January, we had the pleasure of welcoming four MBA students from Massacusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management to our Jakarta office, in MIT’s Global Entrepreneurship Lab (G-Lab) internship program. Our Business Development and Marketing Director, Larissa Sidarto, was selected to be part of this year’s 30 Under 30 list by Forbes Indonesia. We also got into the top global finalists in the Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) 2020 competition, invited by the World Economic Forum to speak at one of their webinars, and received an award from the ASEAN Business Awards 2020.

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HARA is a global & open blockchain-based data exchange enabling everyone to make better data-driven decisions. https://hara.ag/

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HARA is a global & open blockchain-based data exchange enabling everyone to make better data-driven decisions. https://hara.ag/

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